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Washington, D.C. May 22, 2019...RuyakCherian’s Amadou Kilkenny Diaw participated in the Knight Commission on Intercollegiate Athletics’ panel discussion on Hot topics impacting college basketball.

Diaw, a former Division 1 basketball player at Georgetown University, now practices intellectual property law. He spoke of the need for a framework whereby collegiate athletes can leverage and earn income from non-game related uses of their name. image and likeness (NIL). “The NCAA is currently under tremendous scrutiny regarding the myriad of restrictions that are placed on student athletes’ abilities to earn income while competing at the NCAA. These restrictions must be re-considered, especially restrictions regarding student athletes’ abilities to use their own non-game related names images and likenesses to earn income. The advent of social marketing has opened a new marketplace that student athletes should be permitted to participate in.”

Diaw also authored a paper for the ABA 2018 Antitrust Spring Meeting entitled Student Athletes in the Era of Social Advertising – A Brief Synopsys of Relevant NCAA Rules and Framework for Progress. Diaw’s paper (available HERE) was provided as part of the Spring Meeting materials and published in the ABA Section of Antitrust Law’s Newsletter of the Trade, Sports & Professional Associations Committee.

Legislation has been introduced at the federal and state levels and is pending. Additionally, a working group, formed by the NCAA last week, will examine the NIL compensation issue and is slated to issue its report by October of this year.

The Knight Commission today heard from the NCAA, NBA, and other important stakeholders and experts, describing the progress and continuing challenges still facing college basketball. The meeting comes roughly one year after the Commission on College Basketball, led by former U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, made a series of recommendations, which were adopted by the NCAA. Those reforms included giving more freedom and flexibility to college basketball players as they consider their professional pathways; ensuring financial support for degree completion; strengthening penalties for school officials who break rules; and adding independent members to the NCAA's Board of Governors.

“Those of us who have played basketball love the sport and want it to be the very best version of itself. I applaud the Knight Commission for creating a forum where various stakeholders can contribute to that goal,” Diaw said.


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